ONE20: photography – video – graphics – marketing.

Professional Associate, Dorin Vasilescu – TIMMI STUDIO.  Specialist in Fashion, Family Portraiture, Corporate and Reportage photography.


This website is dedicated to the personal and some commercial projects of Matt Langthorne, a UK national who lives in Florence, Italy.

On the home page you will find a chronology of experiments (both successful and failed), photo-shoots, videos and the ‘expired film photo diary’. A little info is given along side.

The gallery page displays some of my favourite images from the last few years.

Most of the work on this website utilises alternative or marginal in-camera techniques. These include vintage cameras, expired or specialist film, location studio lighting, unusual lenses. I hope one day to move on to large format photography as well.

ONE20 is always looking for collaborations and commercial projects, however these need to be fitted around ongoing professional work.

ONE20 is available for international assignments.


email: info@ONE20.eu

phone number: Italy (0039) 3275965085