Firenze Agosto

Firenze Agosto


This is the beginnings of a project to document the city of Florence in August, a month when the Florentines do their best to be somewhere else while the tourists still flood the center and burn in the heat like ants under a magnifying glass.  Despite the concept, I couldn’t help but go for style over content and the technique used is a little different.
These images were shot using a mamiya 645 and the longest lenses I had available, a 210mm f4 and 180mm f2.8, mostly also using a x2 converter.  As the camera setup is far from subtle, I also made use of the waist level finder.  The film is actually Agfa 100iso speed camera film with no sprockets, re-rolled onto 120 spools.  More technical info at the bottom.


It is hot, so finding a way to stay cool is important!


Failure to keep cool has consequences


Most people miss the point of traveling light


Just take your friends


Life through a lens, everyone has to document what they see with photos and video.  My advice, buy a POSTCARD!






Taking in the key sights




Due to the lack of benches, church steps become crowded with people.




Cycling through the center


Taking a horse and carriage


Phone home


Firenze is as always a city for lovers



Obviously, technical quality was not a priority for these pictures!

The lenses used, particularly the 180mm f2.8 are poor with low resolution.  Chromatic fringing was visible when used with the x2.
The film is 10 years expired, and was also pushed one stop to maintain a 1/250 shutter speed.  No effort was made to limit dust getting into the images.

These were my first re-rolled 120 spools, and there were issues, most notably, because the film was tapped to the backing at both ends, towards the end of the roll it does not lay flat against the film plate.