Megaliths in Nord pas du Calais

Megaliths in Nord pas du Calais

A weekend exploring less known megaliths in Nord Pas du Calais, near the Belgian border.  Staid in Douai, near the theatre.

1/ Les Sept Bonnettes

IMG_1714 IMG_1708 IMG_1726

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2/ La Pierre du Diable (Lécluse)

IMG_1742a IMG_1742

Originally 6m tall, but now only 3.2m thanks to it being used for target practice during WW1

IMG_1747 IMG_1743

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3/ Le Gros Caillou

IMG_1748 IMG_1752

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4/ Féchain Polissoir

Found when digging a nearby canal, this rock is one of many that were believed t0 have been used for the ceremonial sharpening of stones, hence the lines.




5/ La Pierre Chavatte

IMG_1781 IMG_1772a IMG_1775

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6/ La Pierre qui Pousse

IMG_1768 IMG_1763Expired Film:

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7/ La Borne Grand Pére

It is quite normal for standing stones to be incorporated into later buildings.


IMG_1789 IMG_1787

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Local info map, many of these sites have signs and some have further information.