Nikon D70s - Homemade IR

Nikon D70s – Homemade IR

Finally got around to replacing the hot mirror in my D70 with an old piece of Ilford IR gel.

Not the best IR filter, but just about works.  I still need to adjust the focus.


Original colours from RAW:DSC_0632 OOcamera


Red and Blue channels switched:DSC_0632 RB swaped 2


Black and White:DSC_0632 BW copy


Original colours Camera JPG:DSC_0621 camera


Red and Blue Channels swapped:DSC_0621 RB switched


Black and White:DSC_0621 RB BW


Hue reversed:DSC_0623 hue180


Original Colours from RAW:DSC_0652 copy


And some pot plants (Front two red, back two white flowers, variegated dark green and white leaves)

DSC_0568 copy DSC_0568 IR 02 DSC_0571 copy DSC_0571 IR 01 copy