The Beginning.

The Beginning.

It started like this.  My interest in film photography and vintage cameras slowly got around, and where before I had just two cameras suddenly there was a collection.  These were mostly gifts pulled out of dusty cupboards and attics where they had been laying almost forgotten.

The three I use for this project are these.  They are all fully manual with built in lightmeters.

Vivitar V3000s.  The smallest and newest coming from the mid-90s.  Handy but it lacks a DoF preview and the 50mm f1.7 lens is soft around the edges when wide open.

Minolta SRT101.  This is an early ‘70s camera of quality build and great 50mm f1.7 lens.

Pentor Super TL.  Another ‘70’s camera, this one from east Germany.  It is the a version of the Praktica Super TL for the Dutch market.  This camera is interesting as it is the only working M42 fit camera I have.

One day I will add a Nikon to this list.

Some spare lenses I sometimes take along…

Vivitar 70-210mm f4.5 zoom, fro the Vivitar.

Tessar DDR 50mm f2.8, Flektogon DDR 35mm f2.4 and a Jena DDR MC S 135mm f3.5 (has to be used in stop-down mode), M42 fit for the Praktica.

Now, it just so happened that along with one of these cameras came a box of out of date 35mm film.  Unfortunately the film had suffered from the passing years and so was unusable for serious work.  So what to do with it?

And so begins the EXPIRED FILM PHOTO DIARY!!!!!

Included in this box of joy was…

10x single use Press Labo ‘Birfie’ cameras EXPIRED 2007 (untested),

20x 135-24 Press Labo ISO 200 EXPIRED 1996 (badly deteriorated),

20x Press Colour 135-24 ISO200 Expired 2001 (untested)

4x Press Colour 135-24 ISO400 EXPIRED unknown (badly deteriorated)

The before and after below demonstrates how the quality of the film has deteriorated (left) and end version edited version (right).  You can see it is not good for printing, but acceptable for an odd sort of photo diary like this one.